About me

Thisa-me is about as ugly as I get! Obviously my name is Derek Hibbert and since school my primary income has been from photography only I have far too many books around not to change horses, even if it does seem like it is midstream in a swollen river. If you want to Google me more images come up than I could shake a stick at, not that I understand what that means. If I said I was 45 years old I would be lying but it could be described as poetic licence which you cannot get away with these days as there is too much information on places like Facebook. I have written over 35 novels, loads of shorter works and even the odd photography tome. I like to think I have some talent but the final decision is down to the individual.

I write in a variety of genre, science fiction, crime, supernatural crime and horror. I was once told by a Time/Warner editor that horror was my forte and I had more talent than various published authors, only without a name in the public arena I hadn’t a hope in hell of getting mainstream, which is why I stuck with photography for so long. Everything I have written isn’t on this website, some of my earlier efforts need a dose of Viagra. Still, what is here has sample pages to get the basic flavour. We all have our own style, personally I don’t like to waffle too much, which sometimes means the pace picks up. When the going gets tough the tough can’t find a place where they can put the book down, sorry. I leave the characters open enough for the readers to be able to imagine themselves into the story, after all who cares if the waitress on page 134 has blue toenails if she is wearing socks and gets shot after three minutes.

Anyway delve into the site as you think fit and feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with what is going on. Admittedly I haven’t written anything new recently, too busy trying to scrape together a crust but I have several outlines bubbling away in the background. If you are curious about fine detail I lived in Clevedon for years, am now hiding in the Forest of Dean and have a place in Spain where I offer creative writing and photography tuition holidays.