Pedalling along

I was chatting to someone about mountain biking yesterday, partially with a view to get people over to my luxurious property in Spain. Well it is closer to paradise now I have electricity, even if I will have to pay for it. As I live on a hill I could mark out a one km downhill track and there are plenty of circular routes between 10-20km. Naturally I would need to make sure I had plenty of water for showers but I have a spade and imagination. Apparently many people take their cycles abroad, just not as carry on luggage, hard to fit in the overhead locker.

Now strangely, for the second time, I requested advertising rates from a magazine and they haven’t bother to reply. Is it me, or something nobody has told me? I mean, it is bad enough when rain clouds follow me around, but ignoring all my attempts to get fresh business, that must be paranoia.



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