As long as it’s black

that was the motto for the Ford model T.  Well I can’t imagine what it is now? How about as long as you pay through the nose.

Not that long ago I had to scrap a Ford Mondeo. After trying to solve a problem about an intermittent engine fault the garage decide it needed a new fuel pump. Only as it was expensive and inside the engine it could cost a grand, more than the value of the car. I started my motoring with a Mini, when I had a clutch slave cylinder problem it was a couple of quid for new rubber seals. Well now I have the same problem on my Transit. Bearing in mind that it came out of the factory with rust pre installed and various other flaws I didn’t imagine a new slave cylinder would be a problem, even if I couldn’t just do the rubber bits.

Oh, Ford, sorry, it is inside the engine. How does £500 sound?

Thank God for the Internet, I have got it down to £350. Only what will go wrong next? OK Ford’s are ten a penny so they can be initially cheap, but long term? Perhaps a Bentley van next time would be more economical.


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