In sickness…

I suppose a blog is a little like a marriage, you need to nurture it every day to help it thrive. In sickness and in health until death do you part. Well I have been struggling with the sickness bit. Last week, Monday evening, I was at camera club and some selfish sod kept walking outside when he became immersed in a coughing fit. Obviously it did not reduce the amount of bugs he was pouring into the room. I didn’t go last night, I have a sense of moral wellbeing, so I don’t know how many people fell foul of nasty microbes. It could have been worse, i could have been sitting in bed all the time, shivering and repeating the words, G’day Bruce. Aussie flu obviously. I have had to apologise to Barbara, my significant other, as while slaving over a hot stove I managed to loose control of a couple of germs which she may have inhaled. Thankfully they have not yet overwhelmed her immune system.

there once was an pregnant Jew,

who caught a dose of the flu,

As she prayed for her child,

the symptoms were mild

or was it the gin in her brew.


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