I imagine you heard about the man who dreamt he was eating a giant marshmallow and when he woke up he couldn’t find his pillow! Well how about the guy who dreamt he was a Romam centurion way back when. In his reverie he was responsible for crucifying Jesus, not the most common of scenarios. No doubt if he were religiously orientated it could have been seriously depressing. When he woke up the dog was barking, it obviously wanted to go outside. Only when he opened the front door his wife was nailed to the outside. Naked. There were quite a few people in the street, so,e were on their knees, genuflecting, others filming with mobile phones, well without a stitch of clothing it would probably go viral rather quickly. Obviously he called the emergency services immediately and managed to find a hammer so by the time the ambulance arrived he had he inside, on the carpet.

It clearly wasn’t a good idea mentioning the images of the night but as he explained to the police, he had blood on his body from removing his wife from the torturous position. Although his fingerprints were obviously on the hammer, that may not have been the implement used, and anyway, at five foot four there was no way he could have held his wife, who was five inches taller, up to the door and crucified her without help, possibly from two other people.

Now we come to the interesting part, what actually happened? Was he involved in a group ambulatory dream? Was he drugged while asleep but sensed the event subconsciously? Was he still asleep? The police didn’t arrest him, he was too distressed to even stand, so no doubt they assumed he had slept through the abduction. Still, wouldn’t you like to know.

A pity this is where the narration stops then.



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